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Mobile Money Payment gateway for mobile and web services:
 Zoeafountain Limited (ZFT) has been able to create a convenient alternative

and cost effective medium for consumers (mobile phone users-both the high-end

and average-end users) to make payments for services offered by corporate

institutions or governments. It is called the "ZFT payments platform”.
ZFT Discount sales facility:
This is a tool for online and offline stores to offer their products and

services for sale to the populace at discount rates. We offer a WIN-WIN-WIN

scenario for merchants, clients and complimentary service providers.
 Ecommerce support services
ZFT Mobile and Web Unique Code Authentication Services
Product authentication with unique registration number
Compliance monitoring for private and government services through unique

product/service numbers or codes verification
Network Gaming
Provision of a gaming entertainment arena for Nigerians to be able to

participate in network gaming facilities on a closed loop, driven by a non-

internet data service. We have made provisions for an arrangement in which

strategic partnerships are established between industry players for the

engagement of this service.


Business Intelligence & Research
Strategic partnerships and Business Brokerage services
Turnkey Application, Product &Services Solutions Development
Intellectual Property Development
General supplies and business merchandising
Oil and Gas Services             
Agricultural Services
Process Improvement Solutions for organizations
Human capacity development services

Donations collection services
Election and political services Campaign Strategies

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