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We are registered partners with major hardware OEMs and have the competence to supply, deploy and support Servers, PCs, Network Devices, Storage Solutions, Power & Backup systems, Printers e.t.c. We have demonstrated these with several customers in the Enterprise (Especially Financial Sector), Public Sector, Medium and Small Scale Industry.

Oracle RDMS is the leading database system in the world known to deliver economy of scale on easily managed low cost grid. Its editions ranges from Standard to Enterprise Edition and can easily be adopted based on customers’ scale.  Other solutions related solutions include:  Data Warehousing, Database Security,  Oracle Middleware,  Oracle Application Server and Business Intelligence.

Asset Tracking, Inventory Checkin & Checkout Solution
ZFT makes fixed asset tracking easy! We offer solutions that take physical inventories of computers, equipment, furniture, and other fixed assets. Update records; calculate depreciation and more using barcode, QR Code and RFID technology.
Our solution covers total inventory control! Track item levels and movements, and take physical inventories or cycle counts in your warehouse, distribution center, stock room or store. And  is  perfect  for  equipment  tracking,  tool  tracking,  and  file  tracking!  Drastically increase accountability with this easy equipment check in check out tracking program. We also supply Barcode/QR Scanners, Labels, Label Printers e.t.c.

Biometric Solution: We have a bouquet of biometric solutions that span Access control, time attendance monitoring, Ghost workers elimination, Audience Indication Systems, etc
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