Support Services

We render Hardware and Software support services.
In hardware support services we provide support for Servers, Personal

Computers, Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners, Etc.

Our Software support services covers:
Software installations and configurations on any platform
Migration of data from one database to another
Migration of data from lower to higher version
Loading of data from text editors (e.g notepad) or spreadsheets (e.g Ms-Excel)

into RDMS database

Oracle Database Administration.
Database Recovery
Database Replication
Engineer at site

ZFT  offers  excellent  networking solutions  from planning, design,

installation and management. We also cover the following areas:
Structured Cabling and Network Integration
Converged communication
Security Solutions
Data Centre & Storage Solutions
Customer Interactive Solutions
Service Provider Solutions

We offer  corporate  and  personalized  trainings  for  organizations  and 

interested individual in Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Java, specialized areas of

IT as well as capacity development fields.

Co-Sourcing & Resource on Site
Zoeafountain Limited  offers  customers  a  wide  range  of  flexible  options 

in  outsourcing  of  IT infrastructure and related resources by organizations

to fix costs and free themselves up to focus on their core businesses. We also

offer the facility whereby these highly qualified systems engineers, developers

and other technical resources are recruited and managed on behalf of a client.

Data entry and data conversion services
Zoeafountain engages in data migration services for establishments moving from

paper operations to digital.

Contact Us

IGI House
3, Gwani Street,
Zone 4 Abuja
Tel: +234-803-3752552