Who We Are

Zoeafountain Limited (ZFT) is an intellectual property/products and services

development company. We pride ourselves in providing business enhancement and

turnkey solutions that revolve around niche based inventions and people based

satisfaction-requiring services in all works of life, through improved

technological inclusions, timely informed innovations, unique service delivery

initiatives and affable companionship with our clients and other market


Our Main Drive:  To consistently aid and make available, ingenious products and

services that will be sought after and used by the entire world as a preferred

choice to currently existing solutions, through carefully informed and

researched concoctions as well as strategic alliances that deliver results on

the most ideal situations with respect to peculiarity and consideration for

balance of the society and the wellness of posterity.
Our values: Respect, Honour, Diligent work, Compassion, Resilience,

Initiatives, Sacrifice and Faith.

Contact Us

IGI House
3, Gwani Street,
Zone 4 Abuja
Email: intel@zoeafountain.com
Tel: +234-803-3752552