How We Work

ZFT is positioned to offer flexible models for working with any institution, be

it government or corporate establishments as well as the unorganized public and

private sectors, to the supply of products and services that may be sourced

from other producers or custom built by our expertise for industry specific

needs of our esteemed clients and consumers.

Our Structure:

At Zoeafountain Limited, we believe everybody is a chief executive officer and

that displays our understanding and dependence on individual commitment to

responsibility on the part of every team member. Whilst we establish statutory

offices as expected by the law of the land, we operate as a football team and

respect that any member of the team can be responsible for our success as a

team. Hence we operate on a level and have a coordinating head in person of a

Development Coach.

A team of selected advisory board also works with us in every capacity to

deliver on the day to day activities of the organization.

Contact Us

IGI House
3, Gwani Street,
Zone 4 Abuja
Tel: +234-803-3752552